Bali can feel as a coffee jungle, with coffee places on every corner of the street. Where to find your

best coffee in Bali? 

And what about the traditional Balinese coffee and ‘kopi susu’ that you find

regularly on a menu. This blog will give you the right guidance to great coffee places in Bali and the

definition of some typical coffees.

Five great places in Bali to get your coffee

Denpasar : Bhineka Jaya Cafe

It is not easy to find this little store, but if you do you will be treated with delightful local coffee. This

store is the first coffee store of Bali opened in 1930, and it does feel like you go back in time when

you enter this store. You can buy coffee beans here or order a home brew coffee. This coffee store is

a must do for every coffee lover.

Address: Gaja Mada 80, Denpasar

– Kahiyang

This place does not only serve amazing coffee, they also help disabled people with getting an income.

One of coffee plantation employed disabled people, what is not a common thing in Indonesia. If you

have the chance to meet the owner; have a chat with him. His stories about coffee are one of the

most inspiring ones we ever heard. Drink as well a ‘green bean coffee’, best detox you can get.

Kahiyang has two different locations. One in the centre of town and one more surrounded by


Addresses: Jalan Kajenk no. 1 and Jalan Sri Wedari no. 6 in Ubud

Seminyak – Pison

Seminyak has many good coffee places; so don’t pin yourself on one spot and try as many as

possible. We had a tasty coffee at Pison, where they serve the traditional avocado coffee. This typical

Indonesian coffee exist out of avocado juice with espresso and a scoop of ice dream. We promise

you, ones you tried this you are addicted to avocado coffee.

Address: Jalan Petitenget no. 19A

Canggu – Jikaa Coffee x Eatery

You will recognise Jikaa Coffee x Eatery because of their colourful wall painting on the outside. The

place is tiny, but cosy! They serve every month different coffees, so as an expat in Bali you will not

get bored if you go often to this place. They have their own house blend and use the coffees blends

of Hungry Birds.

Address: Jalan Pantai Berawa no. 1a

Jimbaran – OPIA dining

You want a coffee and a view? Visit OPIA dining on the hill in Jimbaran; this restaurant has a stunning

venue of lush gardens with in the evening romantic lights, and on Tuesday and Friday live music. The

atmosphere is sublime, same count for their coffees. Ask your waiter if you can have a look at the

oldskool coffee machine they are using to brew your favourite coffee – you will be impressed.

Address : Jalan Bukit Permai no. 2. in Jimbaran

Typical Balinese coffees

Kopi tubruk : Fine coffee ground with hot water and lots of sugar (ask for ‘tidak pakai gula’ if you

don’t want to have an overdoses of sugar in your coffee).

Kopi susu : Fine coffee ground with hot water and condensed milk. Don’t be surprised if they also add

sugar to this typical sweet coffee.

Kopi itam : This can be a real coffee made with a coffee machine, but there is also a chance they

mean kopi tubruk without the sugar.

Kopi Luwak : Coffee from the Luwak animal. This coffee is famous in Bali, and you can find it almost

everywhere. Visit a coffee plantation if you like to see how they process the Luwak coffee.

Kopi gelas : You will not find this one often in Bali, but if you do prepare yourself for a sensational

coffee moment. Have your camera ready if your friends try to drink this coffee. Your coffee is served

in a cup, but upside down on a plate. You lift the cup slowly and drink from the plate. This is a typical

traditional coffee from Aceh (Sumatra – Indonesia).

Es kopi : Ice coffee. Aks for ‘asli’ to find out if they are using the real coffee. Most of the times an ice

coffee is made from premade packages and they use a lot of milk and sugar.